Haven Behavioral Healthcare History

Haven Behavioral Healthcare was founded in 2006 with a mission to serve the mental health needs of all patients across the country. During the remainder of 2006, Haven began developing free-standing behavioral health facilities in Arizona and Oklahoma.  In the fall of 2007, Haven founded the War Heroes Hospital in Pueblo, CO (renamed Haven Behavioral Hospital of Southern Colorado) for active duty military and their families, and Haven Senior Horizons Hospital in Phoenix.  Haven Behavioral Hospital of Eastern Pennsylvania was purchased in the fall of 2010.  Haven War Heroes Support Center in Colorado Springs (renamed Haven Family Support Center) was added in early 2011, also for active duty military and their families.

In February, 2012, Haven sold many of their larger general psychiatric hospitals to focus on developing smaller specialty hospitals for older adults and develop behavioral health systems for active duty military and their families. Between 2006 and 2012 Haven discovered these two groups of patients were either underserved or needed to be served in a more specialized treatment environment. Haven believes that older adults and military communities have unique treatment needs which is best treated in environments separate from other patient populations. Much attention is given to designing each Haven hospital to be a comfortable environment for the patient during their treatment stay and treatment programs are provided by staff who have extensive experience working with the patients they serve.

Due to their specialized focus of treatment, Haven hospitals are significantly smaller than most other psychiatric hospitals which has enabled Haven to open its hospitals in small and large communities across the country. Haven locates its hospitals in communities where its services can complement and enhance existing networks of psychiatric treatment.  

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