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Building History

ABQ Lovelace Clinic History

Gibson Medical Center, formerly known as Lovelace Clinic, has a long, impressive history.  Founded in 1947 by William R. Lovelace, II, MD, this building was home to Lovelace’s research to help improve aviation and aerospace medicine.

NASA asked Dr. Lovelace to be chairman of its Special Advisory Committee on Life Sciences.  He and his staff conducted medical exams on the astronauts that would become The Mercury Seven, America’s first astronauts.  Lovelace developed medical guidelines that were used to select astronauts for the Gemini and Apollo programs.  In 1964, Lovelace was appointed NASA’s Director of Space Medicine.

In 1976, Lovelace was inducted into the International Space Hall of Fame at the New Mexico Museum of Space History.

For more information on Lovelace and his contribution to the space program, visit The New Mexico Space Museum.

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