Drink More Water – A Simple Resolution

WaterAlthough the resolution to drink more water sounds simple enough, for most individuals drinking enough water each day can be a challenge. As senior citizens, the need to drink adequate amounts of water each day increases in multiple areas. In addition, many of us realize that water is the key to stronger mental health, yet we still make alternate choices instead of reaching for those glasses of water. The health benefits of drinking more water each day provide numerous reasons to drink the requisite eight glasses of water per day, yet somehow, despite this knowledge, most of us still consider drinking enough water on a daily basis an obstacle to good health. So, what are some manageable steps to achieving your resolution?

First, determine how much water you need to drink each day. Experts agree that eight glasses of eight ounces of water provides the optimum amount of water for individuals each day. More or less than this amount depends on your activity levels and your climate. If you live in a particularly warm climate, you may find yourself needing more water. If your exercise routine calls for a strenuous workout, then you may also need to increase your amount of water. As senior citizens, consider your medications in addition to your exercise routine. Certain medications can function as diuretics, so you want to be careful to monitor the effects of particular medicines.

Next, be sure to keep a full glass of water on your bedside table. The most important thing you can do to begin your day right, before you even get out of bed, is to drink a full glass of water. Drinking water upon awakening provides the jump-start your brain needs to begin functioning. If you sip on water during the night, try keeping a second bottle handy within reach for the morning. Know that water affects your mental health as well. Depression has been linked to dehydration and our cortisol levels. Taking simple steps to maintain hydration as you begin your day can help you start the day in the most positive manner possible. Drinking water as you wake up can help you manage stress as you begin your day.

Then, choose a container that encourages you to drink more water. Whether it is a simple refillable metal bottle or one with a unique spout, take time to determine what type of bottle you prefer. The right water bottle can influence how much water you drink.

Finally, consider one of the numerous free apps for your smart phone that will remind you to meet your goal each day. Some apps will provide reminders for you to stay on track during the day, while others will point you in the right direction to find free refills while you are out and about your day. Still others provide animation or alarms to keep you inspired.

Water is essential to your health. With this new year, resolve to make drinking water the first simple step in creating an improved, healthier you.







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