Exercise for Mind and Body Health

Elderly ExerciseExercise can be one of the hardest things to maintain as someone gets older. Whether a person does it to lose weight, reach a fitness goal or for fun; the body doesn’t function like it used to at a younger age. It is even more difficult to pick up exercising after someone hasn’t stayed active for several years. At Haven Behavioral Hospital, all patients are given time each day to get back to being active through Activity Therapy. The goal of Activity Therapy is to rehabilitate each patient and to improve functioning and independence, as well as reduce or eliminate any limitations to participate in life situations caused by any illness or disabilities. This therapy was created to stimulate the mind and body of patients while reducing anxiety that comes with aging.

Activity Therapy groups allow the patients to partake in physical activities; which can lead to an increase chances of living a longer, healthier life, increase mobility, decrease depression, decrease stress, and allows for a better sleep at night. It is a great way for all patients to be reminded that they can remain active, and it gives them a chance to take their minds away from the illness or disabilities that they might be going through. These activities are not physically demanding and can be very enjoyable.

Exercise and getting active is extremely important for the mind and body, especially while in the process of recovery for the patients. It is also a great way to interact with new friends and find common interests in the hospital. Exercise and a healthy diet can change a person’s perspective and instill the desire for a faster recovery. Haven Behavioral Hospital provides both exercise and healthier diets for patients every day, both of which are very beneficial to the recovery of the mind and body. The ultimate goal at Haven is to return each patient to their best possible level of health, so they can be integrated back into the community.

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