Haven Behavioral Hospital of Albuquerque Announces Addition of Intensive Outpatient Program

inpatient2Haven Behavioral Hospital of Albuquerque is pleased to announce the expansion of services to include the intensive outpatient population.  Haven’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) will cater to those 25 and older who are in need of more rigorous treatment than weekly therapy, but who do not require inpatient services.

“Haven has become a proven leader in behavioral healthcare services in New Mexico and as such, we are delighted to offer an intensive outpatient program (IOP) to our community,” states Sheila McDermott-Lord, Chief Executive Officer at Haven Behavioral Hospital of Albuquerque.  “This program covers the often overlooked, but essential middle ground between weekly outpatient therapy and hospitalization, and provides transition support between the two.  Our program will offer services for those 25 years and older in need of psychiatric and/or substance abuse treatment.  With the dearth of this level of care in Albuquerque we hope to provide programs that benefit this population to enhance the quality of life for those ravaged with these issues.”

Haven’s IOP, scheduled to open in late May or early June, is comprised of two programs:  Behavioral Health IOP and Substance Abuse IOP.  The Behavioral Health IOP is for individuals who are not successful in outpatient therapy and need ongoing psychotherapy and psychoeducation in an intensive therapeutic setting.  The Substance Abuse IOP is for Individuals who have completed detox (when necessary), residential and/or inpatient treatment, but need additional therapeutic support.

IOP works around an individual’s existing schedule.  Patients can continue to work or go to school while receiving treatment.  IOP provides intensive treatment that allows access to physicians, counselors and other medical specialists, as well as group and individual counseling and educational services.  IOP typically lasts three hours per day three times per week and allows the client to return to their homes, jobs and lives.

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