Homecare and Behavioral Health

homecareAs the majority of America’s population ages, the need for behavioral health services continues to increase.  Recent data estimates that twenty percent of adults aged 65 and older meet the criteria for a mental disorder, including dementia, so behavioral health is a primary concern for our older population. Given that many older adults prefer to remain at home for as long as possible, whether for financial reasons or for comfort, homecare becomes a critical issue.

Research shows that older adults are less likely to receive behavioral health services than middle aged or young adults and older adults are choosing to stay at home as long as possible instead of moving into a long-term care facility. Homecare can be the right choice if someone needs only minor assistance, has a close network of support and is in regular communication with a primary care provider who monitors his or her condition.

Many types of behavioral health homecare options are available.  These may include counseling services that range from mental health to nutrition or wellness programs. Additionally, they may offer behavioral therapy for families who are coping with dementia or related health concerns such as Alzheimer’s.  With the right resources, behavioral health can be managed easily even while staying at home.

Most importantly, maintain contact with the primary care physician or mental health provider when behavioral health concerns are present.  Homecare can be a wonderful resource and a tremendous benefit for patients and their families.





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