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How to Choose a Memory Care Facility for Your Loved One

nurse-and-patient-haven-behavioral-hospital-friscoThe time may come for your loved one to move out of his or her home, or even yours, into a facility that can provide round the clock care. As you begin to make this decision, consider the stress level of your caregiver especially if you are the caregiver. Ask yourself some serious questions about your ability to manage the increasing needs of your loved one while maintaining a sense of emotional and personal balance in your life. There are many outstanding facilities that can provide the care that your loved one who suffers with Dementia or with Alzheimer’s deserves to have.

As you make your decision, take plenty of time to visit several facilities and make a point to speak not only with administrators, but also the residents and their families. Try to create time for multiple visits at various times of day so that you can have an accurate picture of the activities available and the meals. Don’t be afraid to ask administrators to see a copy of their latest inspection report and their Special Care Unit Disclosure form. They should have each either visible or within easy access.

Next, be sure to learn about the staffing of the facility and determine whether or not medical care is provided in addition to the level of personal care and assistance that are available to your loved one. You want to know that the staff recognizes dementia or Alzheimer’s patients as the individual that your loved one is and that his or her personalized interests will be met.

Then, consider whether or not the facility encourages family involvement. You want to be able to spend as much time with your loved one as you are able, so find out how the staff communicates about available opportunities with you as well as any necessary changes that must be made.

Cost of care is a primary determiner for many families whose loved one suffers with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Ask if the facility accepts Medicare or Medicaid, and what happens should these funds expire. Most importantly, take time to research the facility and reflect on your loved one’s needs before taking the next step. Remember that many times the safest place your loved one can be is in a facility with 24-hour supervision. Give yourself permission to let someone else help your family.


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