National Psychotherapy Day

Therapy SessionSeptember 25th is a special day for the Behavioral Healthcare world; it is National Psychotherapy Day. Show your support by wearing turquoise! Psychotherapy is the common term focused on treating all mental health problems through talking with a psychiatrist, psychologist or other licensed mental health provider. Through psychotherapy, a person can learn about any unnatural conditions, moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviors that they may be dealing with and to help them overcome their problems in special ways. National Psychotherapy Day is dedicated to the promotion, research and support of psychotherapy for all who need it. At Haven Behavioral Hospital, we would like to recognize this special day and help promote the importance of psychotherapy.

Did you know that one in four adults will experience some type of mental illness in their life time? Research indicates between 30-50% of adults experience deep emotional difficulty during some period of their life, and logic tells us that even these numbers might be a little low. Mental illnesses are medical conditions that disrupt a person’s thinking, mood, ability to relate to others and daily functions. It is not a result of personal weakness, lack of character or poor upbringing; it is usually caused by some type of traumatic event that took place or an unordinary increase of stress in a person’s life. Psychotherapy allows these people to sit down and talk about their problems they may be having or had in the past in a safe environment. It is also a great way for a person who is seeking help to alter any psychological or behavioral traits that they would like to adjust.

The purpose of National Psychotherapy Day is to share effective research, donate time and money to support, and to inform adults that it is not uncommon to suffer from mental or behavioral illnesses at some point in their lives and not be ashamed to seek help. It is crucial for anyone that may be dealing with psychological issues to get help, and the sooner the better. Getting behavioral help can improve a person’s quality of life with staggering benefits such as better life choices, healthier relationships, maintain physical health and well-being, handle the natural ups and downs of life and discover and grow to the fullest potential possible. Psychotherapy has been proven to help people with their problems by giving new direction on a better path. Don’t forget to show your support on September 25th and wear your turquoise!



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