Cognitive Behavior Therapy

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a form of treatment based on the theory that thoughts, not situations or events, cause our feelings and behaviors.  Patients may believe the harmful thoughts they are having are a reality and those thoughts can lead to self-destructive behaviors or actions.  With the help of a therapist, patients come to realize that the thoughts that they are having are irrational and learn ways to challenge these notions or unlearn them.  By recognizing that their beliefs are not fact, patients can learn ways to better cope with their thoughts and thus better react.

How does Haven Behavioral Hospital of Albuquerque offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Research has shown CBT to be beneficial in a wide variety of mental illnesses.  Haven Behavioral Hospital of Albuquerque utilizes CBT for patients with mood disorders, depression, anxiety disorders and psychosis, to name a few.  For patients with depression, CBT has been shown to be as helpful as antidepressant medication treatment.

According to the National Association of Cognitive-Behavior Therapists, the average number of treatment sessions for patients in CBT is 16.  Patients see results much quicker than in some other types of therapy.  CBT is more educational, interactive and instructional in nature than other forms of treatment.  Patients are told the expectations of their treatment at the start of their sessions, and homework assignments are essential to the process.  Patients are also encouraged to write down their thoughts and feelings so that, with the therapist, they can determine patterns in their thoughts.  Through these sessions, patients learn to understand their thoughts, realize when they are irrational and learn to react appropriately.


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