Continuity Care

Prior to being admitted to Haven Behavioral Hospital of Albuquerque, most patients are receiving services by an outpatient mental health professional in their community. These patients will have discharge plans that recommend continued treatment with an outpatient provider. Maintaining a consistent circle of providers serving the patient and communication within that circle is critical to establishing a continuity of care for the patient. The success of a patient being able to transition to a hospital for stabilization then back to their home (or care facility) is dependent on being able to establish that continuity of care.

From admission to discharge, Haven Behavioral Hospital’s treatment team develops a continuity of care for the patient by actively seeking out opportunities to engage with other providers who have or will be involved in the patient’s care. Information from providers is used to establish treatment baselines of the patient’s normal level of functioning. The baseline is what is used to set realistic and attainable goals for discharge and establish a continuity of care for effectively transitioning the patient from acute care to their normal level of functioning.

A patient’s stay at Haven Behavioral Hospital of Albuquerque is intended to be a brief stabilizing period in the course of the patient’s treatment. Most therapeutic achievements will occur in the maintenance of and further development of the patient’s treatment plan by the outpatient provider. It is to this end that Haven strives to collaborate extensively with the patient’s outpatient providers as a resource to better understand the patient’s current mental health crisis and collaborate with plans and resources in preventing future crisis.

In an attempt to further develop the continuity of care for patients living in senior care facilities, Haven Behavioral Hospital of Albuquerque collaborates with networks of mental health providers like Vericare. Haven’s collaboration with Vericare involves the use of Vericare clinicians to provide clinical services in the hospital, thereby, all aspects of the patient’s inpatient treatment and discharge plans can be easily transitioned from the hospital to the community to which the patient is returning. This is an innovative strategy for improving the patient’s continuity of care which we are confident will be successful in preventing re-admissions for stabilization and assist in long term goals of reducing the use of anti-psychotic medications with residents coming from senior care facilities.

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