Decrease in Cognitive Function

What is Decrease in Cognitive Function?

As our Baby Boomer population ages, a natural concern is the decrease in their collective cognitive health. Certain normal cognitive aging processes occur that can have positive affects as well as negative affects. The primary concern of a decrease in cognitive function in an elderly person occurs when your loved one can no longer be trusted to drive, either because of memory loss or delayed reactions, bank or correctly administer medication. These capabilities enable most individuals to maintain a sense of independence and are associated with a high level quality of life.

To maintain a healthy range of cognitive functions, experts recommend that elderly adults continue with an active social life, regular physical activity and monitor nutritional habits. These three ingredients can do more to prevent decline in cognitive function than other efforts.


What are the symptoms of Decrease in Cognitive Function?

According to the National Institute of Health, the following are a few of the warning signs that your loved one’s cognitive functions are decreasing:

  • Loss of interest or withdrawal from regular activities
  • Irritable or uncharacteristically angry when overwhelmed or feeling tired
  • Lack of sensitivity to other’s feelings

Should the elderly individual be in a more advanced state of decreased cognitive function capabilities, the person may choose new, inappropriate behaviors including kicking, hitting, cursing or screaming at others.

How does Haven Behavioral Hospital of Albuquerque treat Decrease in Cognitive Function?

Lastly, simply because a decrease in cognitive function occurs does not mean that other problems, such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, are imminent. A decrease in cognitive function as human beings age is normal.  At Haven Behavioral Hospital of Albuquerque, our team of health care providers specializes in caring for the elderly and can ease any questions you might have. Our highly trained staff assesses the unique needs of each individual and takes the time to get to know each patient, providing the highest quality of service.  Decrease in cognitive function does not signal a complete change in lifestyle, but rather, an opportunity to create new habits and inspire wellness.


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