The Influence of Culture on Mental Health

NM WomanWe all know that we must maintain our physical health through proper diet and exercise to function well in our daily lives; however, when we start to discuss mental health issues many people become very uncomfortable.  Mental health issues are as important as physical health, yet in certain ethnic groups mental health discussions are frowned upon.  The brain is just as susceptible as the body is to medical conditions, so it is important to understand the need to talk about mental health issues and realize that there is no shame in recognizing a problem.

Mental health conditions can reach beyond the normal day to day highs and lows of emotional reactions.  When a person experiences mental health problems, usually the condition affects how he or she thinks or responds to a typical difficulty.  In addition, a mental health condition can change how an individually normally interacts with others.

When you or a loved one experiences a distinct change in how you go about your daily routine and interactions, then seeking help from a professional is the right choice.  Unfortunately, in many cultures in New Mexico, speaking about mental health issues reflects weakness or makes people feel as if they are a disgrace.  Mental health issues are a product of biological changes within the body that is not the fault of the individual.

Next, keep in mind that privacy is always respected when talking to a medical professional about mental health issues. Medical professionals are legally required not to share any of their patient’s information with anyone else.  You or your loved one will be able to keep your medical condition as private as you would like.

Finally, realize that it is okay to seek help if you or your loved one find that normal routines are being disrupted because of mental health changes.  Your situation will remain private and there is no shame in admitting that you or your loved one needs support.  Haven Behavioral Hospital of Albuquerque can be a resource to you and your family.  Contact us at 505-254-4502 or for more information.





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