What is Inpatient Psychiatry?

inpatient Inpatient psychiatry can sound intimidating to potential patients; however, most inpatient or residential patients, as they are often referred to, find more success and stronger rehabilitation services than individuals who seek outpatient psychiatric care. Inpatient psychiatric services offer essential components of healing that facilitate long term recovery.

In most cases, inpatient psychiatric patients will spend 7 – 11 days in a recovery program that the individual has voluntarily agreed to enter.  Inpatient care appeals to patients and their families because of the safety and security the facility has to offer in addition to the level of intensity available that is not present with outpatient services.  Success comes much easier to patients who are removed from their normal day to day circumstances and are able to avoid negative influences that are usually present.  With inpatient psychiatric care, patients are able to spend time building effective coping skills and learning about either the disease or disorder with which they struggle.

Treatment typically includes a multidisciplinary approach from a team of healthcare providers who can assist patients and their specific needs based on diagnosis.  Inpatient programs focus on psychiatric stabilization and treatment for those experiencing acute symptoms of depression, anxiety, mood swings or psychosis or disorders associated with acute psychiatric illness.  Treatment enables patients to improve coping skills and manage the associated symptoms or recognize particular triggers of their psychiatric issue.

Inpatient psychiatric services afford patients much more potential success of overcoming their issue because of the high level of treatment options available to them.  This type of care can ensure long term recovery in a supportive, controlled environment.  As always, be sure to advise anyone considering inpatient psychiatry to consult with a medical professional to determine the best course of treatment.

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